What is PRINCE2®?

PRINCE2™ (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) is now a registered trade mark of the Office of Commerce (OGC) in United Kingdom and other countries. PRINCE2™ is a generic project management method which focuses on the management aspects of projects. This non-proprietary method has emerged worldwide as one of the most widely accepted methods for managing projects was initially launched in 1996 by the CCTA. Since then several versions have been updated, the latest been published in June 2009.

How can I train for the PRINCE2 examinations?

Training for PRINCE2 is available from the network of Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs) who are assessed and certified by APMG-International TOs can be found at:


An individual needs to have a copy of the Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 - 2009 Edition or the handbook in order to clear the exam without any hick cups.

What will a PRINCE2 qualification do for me?

The PRINCE2 methodology is the de-facto standard for project management practised in the UK worldwide. There is high demand for the certification in all types of organizations (both private and public). Because PRINCE2 is generic and based on proven principles, organizations adopting the method as a standard can substantially improve their organizational progress across multiple areas of business activity. Many organizations mandate the use of PRINCE2 and therefore require their staff to be competent and qualified to practice the method. Thus a qualification in PRINCE2 will not only boost your skills and confidence when managing projects but will greatly improve your employment prospects.

Why do I need a PRINCE2 qualification?

PRINCE2 as a qualification is considered by majority of people for career and personal growth aspects. Often this is accompanied by a change in current organizational ranking or for better job/career prospects. In order to beat the ever growing competition, the PRINCE2 certification could help provide your curriculum vitae those extra brownie points. Moreover now-a-days in many advertised positions PRINCE2 has become a prerequisite, particularly in Public Sector jobs. So be sure the PRINCE2 certification would provide an individual that extra boost and give a head start to a career in project management. Candidates who have passed the PRINCE2 Practitioner examination can also put “PRINCE2 Practitioner” on their business cards for additional impact.

From Company point of view, it is highly beneficial to have employees certified in PRINCE2 since it gives a common background for thought and work atmosphere. Since the employees would be aware of the best practises, there would be considerable reduction in resource, time and money wastage. More so, a company with certified PRINCE2 practitioners can represent the entire organization as being endorsed for using PRINCE2. This could also provide the company a head start while applying for various competitive tenders particularly in order to compete with the other public sector companies.

What are the pass marks for the PRINCE2 examinations?

The pass marks for the PRINCE2 examinations are as follows:

  • Foundation: You will need to score 35/70 to pass the foundation exam.
  • Practitioner: You will need to score 59/108 to pass the practitioner exam.
  • Re-registration: You will need to score 20/36 to pass the re-registration exam
  • Also, in order to be eligible to apply to become a PRINCE2 trainer, individuals must achieve a score of 66% (72/108) in the practitioner exam.

Can I directly appear the Practitioner Exam?

No, for being eligible for the Practitioner exam you must have successfully completed the Foundation exam. There are no pre-requisites for the foundation examination. Candidates must achieve a pass at foundation level before completing the practitioner examination. This is crucial as the Foundation level covers all of the basic understanding and theory of PRINCE2, which is essential for passing the Practitioner exam. However an individual can take a quicker route by combining the day of final exam, by appearing for both the exams on the same day.

Where can I appear the exams and what are the charges?

Exams can be taken at any accredited training company or there are open exam centers in Milton Keynes, York and Winsford in the UK. These Exams run only on certain days and places are pretty much booked in advance, sometimes there is a 4-6 weeks waiting list. Bear this in mind when planning your online or classroom training.
If you are based outside the UK and wish to complete a PRINCE2 exam, it is usually possible to sit them in a British Council office. During such situations, one needs to contact the APM Group directly for more information on public exams.

The exam fees for appearing at the Milton Keynes, York and Chester centres are as follows:

  • Foundation = £205 including VAT
  • Practitioner = £380 including VAT
  • Both = £570 including VAT

There is an active PRINCE2 Discussion Forum on this Web site where you can ask any other questions.

When can I expect the results of my PRINCE2 Examinations?

PRINCE2 foundation examinations can be obtained on location with provisional results provided immediately after marking, especially if the individual is due to attempt the Practitioner exam on the same day at the same venue. For the results to be displayed/emailed to the registered id, would take about 1-2 weeks from the day of attempt. Also the Practitioner answer sheets are marked at APMG-International offices and results released soon after in a months time.

When will I receive my certificate?

If you only took the foundation exam, a foundation certificate will be dispatched to you approximately 2 weeks after APMG have received your exam paper back into their offices.
If you sat for a practitioner or both exams, a practitioner certificate will be dispatched 2 weeks after the practitioner results have been released.

How long are the PRINCE2 qualifications valid for?

The foundation examination is not valid for a defined period and will not expire. However, the candidates who pass the practitioner exam are recognized as a “PRINCE2 Registered Practitioner”. Individuals will remain registered for a period of 5 years. To maintain the registered status, practitioners must complete and pass a PRINCE2 re-registration examination 3-5 years following their initial/previous practitioner certification.

Where do I get further information on PRINCE2?

Below listed are some of the key contacts available on the net:
AG Group
Provides online test and training documents for the PRINCE2 exam;
contact +44 (0)1753 859026.
APM Group
The governing body for PRINCE2 available worldwide. The organization takes care of accreditation, exams and licensing of PRINCE2.
Telephone: +44 (0)1494 452 450
or visit their Web site at www.apmgroup.co.uk
The Stationery Office owns the copyright to the PRINCE2 Manual and other supporting documents. They can be contacted at www.tso.co.uk
The Office of Government and Commerce owns PRINCE2, and has a responsibility for management and updates for PRINCE2 and can be contacted at:
The Office of Government and Commerce
Rosebery Court
St Andrews Business Park
Norwich NR7 0HS
Help Desk:
General Tel: 01603 622 211
Fax: 01603 704 817
Email: servicedesk@ogc.gsi.gov.uk


Email: contact@prince2assessment.com

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. GMT